Massage at Salt Room Winter Haven

Massage | Salt Room Winter Haven


We are happy to now provide Massage Services at Salt Room Winter Haven - Our establishment license number: MM 38824 and our massage therapist number: MA 84133.

Services and Pricing

  • Relaxation Massage 90 min: $110
  • Deep Tissue Massage 90 min: $120
  • Blended Massage 90min: $115
  • Hot Salt Stone 90min: $140
  • Halotherapy 60 min: $100

All of our services include aromatherapy using doTERRA essential oil.

Salt Room Winter Haven provides many salt therapy services. Choose from Salt Therapy Sessions, Massage, Waxing, Make-Up, and Skin Care. Come in today and start relaxing and breathing easier - Inhale, Exhale, Stay Well.

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For Salt Therapy Only.
All other appointments for Massage, Facials and Yoga please call (863) 289-9476

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